Expert Veterinary Surgery in Reno NV


North Hills Veterinary Clinic offers expert surgical care for your pet. We are able to perform a number of surgical procedures at our facility, including:

  • Spays/neuters
  • Pet Orthopedics
  • Mass removals and biopsies
  • Front declaws
  • GI surgeries (foreign bodies)
  • Dog and Cat Oral dental extractions
  • Animal Skin biopsies
  • Cyst removal

Before surgery

We always recommend pre-operative blood tests to ensure that your pet is healthy enough to safely undergo surgery. Your pet’s comfort and safety is our top priority. We give our pet patients safe, effective pain medication so that pain will be reduced during and after surgery. Your pet will be given an intravenous catheter, which permits the safe administration of anesthesia during the procedure.

During surgery

Your pet will have a licensed veterinary technician or veterinarian with him or her at all times. We carefully monitor your pet’s blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, and oxygen levels to make sure your pet is doing well during the procedure. We also give your pet a warm blanket from the start of the procedure and on into the recovery room, which helps keep your pet calm and relaxed.

Post-Operative Care

Once your pet is out of surgery, we will call you to report on the results. Your pet will continue to be monitored until we determine it is safe for you to take him or her home with you. Your pet will be kept comfortable with blankets and pillows and will be given pain medication as needed.

At all times, the safety of your pet is our highest priority. We take every possible precaution throughout the procedure to make sure your pet is safe and comfortable.