Veterinary Services: Loving Care for Your Pet

services Your pet deserves the best health care. Pets visiting North Hills Veterinary Clinic are treated as if they are our own. We give them meticulous care and attention whether they are here for a wellness exam, dental cleaning, or a more serious medical problem.

We offer a full range of veterinary services including:

  • Preventive care and pet wellness—Annual checkups are recommended for all pets to ensure a healthy, active life.
  • Veterinary surgery—Should your pet require surgery of any kind, we provide safe, expert care.
  • Pet dental care—Often overlooked, good dental hygiene is essential to your pet’s overall health.
  • Veterinary diagnostics—Our on-site diagnostics capabilities include digital X-rays, ultrasound, blood work, and more.
  • Pet pharmacy—For the convenience of our clients, we have a complete on-site pharmacy.

If it’s been a while since your pet has been examined by a veterinarian, or if you have a new pet, please contact us to schedule an appointment. We warmly welcome new pet patients and look forward to tailoring a wellness plan that makes sense for you and your pet.