Healthy Pets from Puppies to Seniors

pet-health From the moment a new pet enters our home, our lives are forever changed for the better. Whether we bring a new puppy home for the first time, or welcome a rescue animal to our family, we are bringing joy and companionship into our lives, hopefully for a very long time.

The best way to ensure your new pet family members stay healthy is to schedule regular checkups with a trusted veterinarian. At North Hills Veterinary Clinic, we work with pet of all ages, giving quality, age-appropriate care to ensure your pet stays healthy and active for years.

We offer many veterinary services, including:

  • Puppy and kitten care—Preventive care is especially important during your new pet’s first year. We will talk to you about which vaccinations are recommended as well as discuss why de-worming is important not just for the health of your pet, but for the health of your whole family.
  • Senior pets—Seniors deserve a little extra “TLC.” We recommend twice-yearly visits to the vet for senior pets to help prevent common age-related small problems from becoming serious conditions.
  • Vaccinations and preventive care—A good preventive care program is the best way to protect your pet from many serious or life-threatening diseases and illnesses. We will tailor a program that is right for your pet.